Decades in the making and featuring proprietary transducers, the new MC Audiotech Forty-10 loudspeakers doesn’t break new ground. It terraforms the audio landscape, shattering expectations in the process. It will be a revelation to those moved by a love of music.


We are pleased to announce our new product – the Forty-10 Loudspeaker 

MC Audiotech is a new name in high end audio but the people behind the company and product are not! With over 60 years of combined experience and an array of patents which speak to true innovation, our atelier can offer what others cannot – a loudspeaker which mirrors the sound of real-world voices and instruments. 

A brief summary gives a hint at this amazing speaker’s characteristics.  The Forty-10 is a two-way design consisting of our in-house designed and built proprietary transducers mounted in a double-curved spaced array™ and the totally separate folded cube™ low frequency enclosure. The system is so efficient that can be driven by as little as 15 watts from the softest pianissimos to the most massive crescendos and is seriously full range, treating the lucky owner to a complete presentation of the recorded information, regardless of genre.

  Visually, the speaker is an elegant nod to Mid-Century Modern design. The Forty-10 is shown here in a satin walnut veneer with bright aluminum work and an off-white grill. Other options for material and finishes (wood/metal/grill) are available. One example is the Figured Maple option which is paired with black metalwork and golden-brown grill cloth!  The choice is yours!

We look forward to introducing our groundbreaking product to your music!


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Low Frequency Controller

Every Forty-10 loudspeaker is supplied with a controller to perfectly match the bass output to the Array and to YOUR ROOM. The design principal of this device is to “do no harm”. The controller it is a hybrid crossover with a totally passive circuit for the signal headed to the Array and an active circuit only where required – for the level and contour of the bass signal. Input and Outputs are single ended with high quality CARDAS RCA jacks. Transparency and dynamics are fully preserved and the blending of these two loudspeaker modules is as perfect as we know how to make it!